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Orphan builds

Fashions come and go: one up one down, square rack toms etc. and sometimes drummers want to acquire extra drums for their kits. I can source or build custom extra drums to match your requirements (colour and age depending) or compile a whole kit from individual orphan drums. Sometimes this can take a few months to locate all the parts and could be an investment - but it can be done. Below are a few examples of orphan kits and drums I have sourced and restored or you can read about them in the Projects section here.


Badges & grommets

Vintage drum badges can be hard items to source and sometimes expensive. I have a collection of items in stock with brass and steel grommets to match which can either be shipped or installed as required. Bass drum logos are also available as vinyl cut or I can hand paint if required. If custom hand painted bass drum heads are your thing please give me a call to discuss. These two websites: http://www.vintagedrumguide.com and http://www.drumarchive.com have been valuable resources to me over the years. They contain a large historical catalogue and will help you find out exactly what it is you own! Visit my Projects section here as well for more examples of work.


Hoops & heads

Hoops and heads not only affect the sound but also finish a kit. I can source old/new triple flange or die-cast rims, repair wood hoops + repaint and inlay as required. Supplying new heads and snares from all the major manufacturers and sourcing NOS items where possible I'll try to keep your kit as original as possible. I am also looking to supply calf heads in the near future and stock pre-international heads for older Premiers.  For more examples please visit the Projects section here.



Restoring vintage drums is a passion. From lugs and shell cleaning to sourcing replacement parts and rebuilding hardware I can help keep your kit looking and functioning as intended. In some cases there are updates and improvements or even new designs which can be incorporated into your kit without changing the all important aesthetics. Restoration work and costs are all agreed before starting a project and any issues found during the process will be quickly spotted so you can be kept updated all the way through. Please give me a call today to see how I can help or visit the Projects section here to see more.



If you decide to re-finish (wrap or veneer) a complete kit or even an orphan drum it can be a considerable investment so you want it done well. Depending on the drum (old Gretsch shells being the most problematic) I can advise the best process and approach and if it's the right way to go. Removing wraps can also prove tricky, Ludwig laminated the wrap into the shell when building 3 ply shells so this kind of issue must to be taken into account as not to damage the integrity of the drums. If you are in any doubt on which way to approach this then please give me a call and I'll do my best to help. You can see more examples in the Projects section here.


Strip, clean & polish

As it says on the tin! Take it apart, clean it, oil and grease, fix any bits and pieces, polish and put it all back together again. During the process it's common to find damage, rust and seized parts so all issues are resolved leaving the final gear in as best condition as it can be. Have a scroll through the images below to see some of examples or visit the Projects section here.